CISSP-ISSAP ISSAP – Information Systems Security Architecture Professional


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Become an ISSAP Security Architecture Professional
The ISSAP is an ideal credential for a chief security architect, analyst, or professionals with similar responsibilities. As the architect, you play a key role in information security. Your responsibilities fall between the C-suite and the implementation of your security program.

This security architect certification proves your expertise developing, designing and analyzing security solutions. It also shows you excel at giving risk-based guidance to senior management in pursuit of organizational goals.

ISSAP Quick Glance
+ 2 Years or 7 years cumulative Required Work Experience
Proves your expertise in developing, designing, and analyzing security solutions across an organization.

Domain 1. Architect for Governance, Compliance and Risk Management
Domain 2. Security Architecture Modeling
Domain 3. Infrastructure Security Architecture
Domain 4. Identity and Access Management (IAM) Architecture
Domain 5. Architect for Application Security
Domain 6. Security Operations Architecture

Further Distinguish Yourself with ISSAP
Here are just a few reasons to challenge yourself with the security architect certification:
• A demonstration of excellence. You want to stand out. This certification proves you have an elite level of knowledge and expertise.
• New opportunities. The ISSAP opens doors – from new career paths and jobs to more exciting work.
• Growth and learning. This is an opportunity to dive deep and hone your craft. You will find new ways to grow and stay at the forefront of information security. And earning your certification is a big challenge.
You are a great fit for the ISSAP if you:
• Are a life-long learner who craves a new challenge.
• Have a competitive spirit and want to stand out from your peers.
• Want to be seen as a subject matter expert and prove your knowledge in a more focused area.
• Are looking ahead in your career. The ISSAP will help you achieve an even higher level of success.
• Need this certification to move into a specific job.
The ISSAP is ideal for those working in roles such as:
• System Architect
• Chief Technology Officer
• System and Network Designer
• Business Analyst
• Chief Security Officer

90 Day Rolling Schedule March 28, 2024

NAR 90 Day Rolling Schedule
FR Number Cert Type Start Date Course Offering Name Time Zone
FR-20303 CISSP 4-2-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20306 CISSP 7th Ed 4-8-24 OIL 5-Day Online PT
FR-20311 CGRC 4-16-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20317 CSSLP 4-22-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20322 CISSP 7th Ed 5-13-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
FR-20325 CCSP 5-14-24 OIL 8-Week Online PT
FR-20326 SSCP 4th Ed 5-14-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20332 CISSP 7th Ed 5-20-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20341 CCSP 6-3-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20338 SSCP 4th Ed 6-3-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
FR-20342 CCSP 6-4-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20343 CCSP 6-5-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20344 CCSP 6-6-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20345 CCSP 6-7-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20340 CISSP 7th Ed 6-10-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
FR-20347 CCSP 6-10-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20339 CGRC 7th Ed 6-17-24 OIL 5-Day Online PT
FR-20346 CSSLP 6-17-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
FR-20348 CC 6-18-24 OIL 4-Day Online ET
FR-20349 CCSP 6-24-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
APAC 90 Day Rolling Schedule
FR Number Cert Type Start Date Course Offering Name Time Zone
FR-20307 CSSLP 4-9-24 OIL 8-Week Online GMT+8
FR-20309 CISSP 7th Ed 4-15-24 OIL 8-Week Online GMT+8
FR-20319 CCSP 4-30-24 OIL 8-Week Online GMT+8
EMEA 90 Day Rolling Schedule
FR Number Cert Type Start Date Course Offering Name Time Zone
FR-22440 CSSLP 4-3-24 OIL 8-Week Online BST
FR-20305 CGRC 4-8-24 OIL 8-Week Online BST