Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

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The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is the most-esteemed cybersecurity certification in
the world. The CISSP recognizes information security leaders who understand cybersecurity strategy, as well as
hands-on implementation. It shows you have the knowledge and experience to design, develop and manage the
overall security posture of an organization.

Target Audience
Cybersecurity professionals with at least 5 years in the information security field. 

Roles include:
Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Compliance Manager / Officer
Director of Security
Information Architect
Information Manager / Information RiskManager or Consultant
IT Specialist / Director / Manager
Network / System Administrator
Security Administrator
Security Architect / Security Analyst
Security Consultant
Security Manager
Security Systems Enginee

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CISSP Quick Glance
Recognizes cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead an organization’s information security program.

Domain 1. Security and Risk Management
Domain 2. Asset Security
Domain 3. Security Architecture and Engineering
Domain 4. Communication and Network Security
Domain 5. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Domain 6. Security Assessment and Testing
Domain 7. Security Operations
Domain 8. Software Development Security

Who Earns the CISSP?
The CISSP is ideal for experienced security practitioners, managers and executives interested in proving their knowledge across a wide array of security practices and principles, including those in the following positions:

Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Information Officer
Director of Security
IT Director/Manager
Security Systems Engineer
Security Analyst
Security Manager
Security Auditor
Security Architect
Security Consultant
Network Architect

90 Day Rolling Schedule March 28, 2024

NAR 90 Day Rolling Schedule
FR Number Cert Type Start Date Course Offering Name Time Zone
FR-20303 CISSP 4-2-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20306 CISSP 7th Ed 4-8-24 OIL 5-Day Online PT
FR-20311 CGRC 4-16-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20317 CSSLP 4-22-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20322 CISSP 7th Ed 5-13-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
FR-20325 CCSP 5-14-24 OIL 8-Week Online PT
FR-20326 SSCP 4th Ed 5-14-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20332 CISSP 7th Ed 5-20-24 OIL 8-Week Online ET
FR-20341 CCSP 6-3-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20338 SSCP 4th Ed 6-3-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
FR-20342 CCSP 6-4-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20343 CCSP 6-5-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20344 CCSP 6-6-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20345 CCSP 6-7-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20340 CISSP 7th Ed 6-10-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
FR-20347 CCSP 6-10-24 OIL 1-Day Online ET
FR-20339 CGRC 7th Ed 6-17-24 OIL 5-Day Online PT
FR-20346 CSSLP 6-17-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
FR-20348 CC 6-18-24 OIL 4-Day Online ET
FR-20349 CCSP 6-24-24 OIL 5-Day Online ET
APAC 90 Day Rolling Schedule
FR Number Cert Type Start Date Course Offering Name Time Zone
FR-20307 CSSLP 4-9-24 OIL 8-Week Online GMT+8
FR-20309 CISSP 7th Ed 4-15-24 OIL 8-Week Online GMT+8
FR-20319 CCSP 4-30-24 OIL 8-Week Online GMT+8
EMEA 90 Day Rolling Schedule
FR Number Cert Type Start Date Course Offering Name Time Zone
FR-22440 CSSLP 4-3-24 OIL 8-Week Online BST
FR-20305 CGRC 4-8-24 OIL 8-Week Online BST